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Newco Rangers face SFL decision

July 5, 2012


• SFL clubs will decide on which division to admit Rangers to
• League chief executive calls for ‘outside influences’ to stop

Scottish Football League clubs will vote on whether to accept Rangers at a meeting next Friday, July 13.

The SFL’s chief executive, David Longmuir, confirmed the date after a board meeting at Hampden on Thursday. He said: “A specially convened meeting of all clubs is planned for next Friday.”

Longmuir called for the 30 clubs to be given time and space to make their decision after some claimed they had been “bullied” into accepting the newco club in the First Division.

The SFA chief executive Stewart Regan on Wednesday night had claimed the game faces a “slow, lingering death” if Rangers have to restart in the Third Division, most Rangers fans’ preferred option.

Regan claimed Scottish Premier League clubs, who rejected the new company’s top-flight application on Wednesday, stand to lose £15.7m if that is the case.

Longmuir said: “The time has come for all outside influences and pressures to stop. So I ask all other bodies to leave it to those who have been put in this invidious position to make a decision in the best possible interests of the game.

“I have every faith in the judgment of those clubs and their boards to make a decision, considered and reasoned, which will be in the best interests of the game, how it’s structured, how it’s governed and how it’s financed.” Read More


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