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Ian Holloway lines up crucial money talks with Blackpool chairman

May 20, 2012


• Blackpool’s players ‘deserve an awful lot more than they get’
• ‘I don’t think the chairman realises how football is’

Ian Holloway will go on holiday t o Italy this week before returning to hold talks with Karl Oyston, the Blackpool chairman, about the need for realism over how football operates financially. He will stress the importance of investing more money in a team who have been punching well above their weight for the past few years.

Blackpool’s unlucky Championship play‑off final defeat against West Ham United, in which they outplayed Sam Allardyce’s side for long periods in the second half and could easily have grabbed a second goal before Ricardo Vaz Tê’s late winner, has cast doubt on Holloway’s future after three years in charge at Bloomfield Road.

Although Holloway never suggested that his time could be up at Blackpool, he made no attempt to conceal his frustration with the constraints he remains under at what he described as “a skeleton club compared to everyone else and [where] we do things on a shoestring”.

The Blackpool manager believes that his players “deserve an awful lot more m oney than they get” and, in the wake of their failure to secure an immediate return to the Premier League, expressed fears that the most talented members of his squad could be tempted to leave this summer, much like 12 months ago, when Charlie Adam, DJ Campbell, David Vaughan and Luke Varney departed after relegation from the top flight.

Asked what defeat in the play-off final means for Blackpool, Holloway replied: “What it means is another season of Championship slog and ‘what’s happening?’ and ‘will we lose some of them?’ and ‘will we get people putting in offers for some of the young ones?’ That’s what it means.

“We need certain things in place because at the moment we’ve had to beg steal and borrow and I need some more coming through. I need to talk to my chairman about what we’re going to do and how we’re going to keep building. It’s really important he actually understands where I believe we can go, because I think this was a shock to him again.

“I don’t think he realises how football is, and how you can play and what you can achieve by playing that way. I have to say I’m proud to put my name to that, that’s all I can ever do.

“I’m almost not looking forward to those chats because he gets on his high horse and starts bellowing about ‘they’re all wrong, everybody pays more than they should’. Sometimes you’ve got to look at it. But I’m not here to break the bank, I’m here to add to things. I think he should know what I can do now. As an investment for his football club, I almost got him another £90m. Before I came here, his dad [Owen] was worth £105m, now it’s £200m-215m.”

After three relentless seasons, Holloway said that he is desperate to have a breather and escape from football for a while. “I’m just going on holiday and I think I deserve that, to be blunt. He [the chairman] has had a couple of holidays this year. It feels like three years all in one go – went up through the play-offs, then Premie r League survival when everyone joked us off and that hurt, everyone writing us off as the worst Premier League team in history, [saying] we wouldn’t get 10 points, then our season went longer than the Championship and we had to start earlier. Now we’ve gone to the play-off final again, which I wouldn’t swap for the world. But now I need a break.” Read More


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